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Some New Changes of Diablo 3 In 2012
After 11 years, the Diablo series finally has a new sequel. & with it comes new changes to the classic gameplay formula which plenty of have come to know it for.
Whether you are new to the series or a veteran, you'll notice Diablo III is much more welcoming. Gone are the days of deep skill trees & stat options. You have a simple action bar for spells & commands. Blizzard has made it to where you are automatically given stats when you level up as well as new spells an abilities.
Cheap Diablo III gold- does a very good job of teaching you the basics as you begin the game. Those who have never played before should get used to the controls quickly enough.
The concept might seem simple, but as you progress through the game, things become more complex.
Another wizard can pick to be more passive and conjure hydras to lure enemies away and do the fighting for him.
The choices you make for you character build are not permanent either. In case you pick you require to switch things up a bit then you can change you skills at no penalty other than a temporary chilled down to that skill's assigned slot.
The classic loot technique has been left in tact. Every kill you make grants giant amounts of gold, weapons and other items littered about the screen.
Items you find range anywhere form useless junk to epic gear that can greatly improve your characters combat abilities. Blizzard has also implemented an auction house for those who are looking to make a penny off of a rare find. There is as well as a real-money auction house. However, as of press time, it is still not open.
The net aspect is simple as well. You can drop in and out of a friend's game basically by clicking on their icon after you log in.
The game's server issues forced Blizzard to delay the launch of the real-money auction house from May 22nd to May 29th. Today they revealed that they are delaying this feature even further. No new release date was provided. For more diablo three news and buy diablo three gold cheap information, you can refer to Dxug.com

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